Tips on Choosing a Network Marketing Company to Represent

I’ve actually read many articles written on the topic of choosing a network marketing company, however each article seems to have an agenda to coax the reader into joining whatever company the author represents. My goal is to give you a few tips to help you make your decision, not coax you one way or the other.

As of this writing there are 211 companies listed as members of the Direct Sales Association. There are many more companies that are not members of the Direct Sales Association. There are many reasons why companies choose to be a member or not be a member. I am not supporting or endorsing either choice. This article is simply to give you some information how to make the right choice for you.

My very first piece of advice is to choose a company with a product or service you would use whether you represented the company or not. This means if you’ve never taken nutritional supplements and don’t intend you, you’re probably not going to be successful representing a nutritional company. If you don’t wear makeup and you are not into beauty and skin care, you’re probably not going to be successful representing one of the beauty and skin care companies. Find a company with a product line that you like and will be happy offering to others.

You might find it helpful to scan the list of products listed with the companies belonging to the Direct Sales Association. Write a list out for yourself. Which product lines are possibilities that you can see yourself representing? “I am my own best customer” is a phrase I love to hear. It means the representative loves what they are offering and uses what they are offering.

Once you’ve chosen a product line, it’s time to choose the company. While every company must begin at day one, I would never suggest joining a brand new company. The percentage of companies that never see their 2nd anniversary is high. There is no magic number of years to look for. However it is my opinion that you stand a better chance of success if you join an established company with a track record.

While many articles will speak of compensation plans and make claims that one is better than the other, the reality is that they are all very similar. One dollar is one dollar. The variation in compensation plans is how each company splits that one dollar. Some companies put the money into trips and cars. Some companies put the money in a little higher percentage rate on sales. Just remember one dollar is one dollar and while each compensation plan has some uniqueness to it, no company can pay out more than they are bringing in.

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