2 Ways to Start in Your Internet Network Marketing?

So you have decided to take your mlm business to the next level. You have decided if you wait for the usual one-on-one marketing and business meetings you are only to going to get more of what you have always gotten. And if your past efforts have not been spectacular, why should continuing in the same vein be any different? That definition of insanity again, that led us into network marketing in the first place – it being doing the same thing you have always done and expecting a different result!

Where would you start? Well a bit depends on your experience up until now and whether you are wanting to spend any money.

Pay Per Click Marketing
Assuming you have some money to use, one of the easy ways is to do an advertisement in Google’s Pay Per Click marketing. You will need a link to a site to direct traffic to. And you will need to monitor the results regularly. But the beauty of the PPC campaigns is the rapidity with which you get feedback. The next day you will have information you can use.

By having several different advertisement versions you can test the power of variations of words, or completely different ones. You can elect to let Google display your ads according to response – here they will display an ad that gets a higher click-through rate percentage more often than one that does not. So if you are selling something you can have a better rate of response for each time your ad is displayed. Or if you wish to have data to decide on this yourself for later, maybe for other media, you can elect to have your ad versions rotated giving an even exposure. It is interesting to get feedback on this. You can find that one ad wording may appear more popular for a time and then drop back, suggesting a change in the searchers out there, maybe a variation in the economy, or whatever.

Initially you can elect to have your ad displayed simply on the search display. This gives you a quicker response on how your wording is functioning, often in a few days. It also gives you a more targeted audience, dependent on the keywords you elect to have as your search criteria. Once you have determined your best wording you can allow the ad to be displayed on the content pages, that is other web sites out there dealing with similar content to what your ad is about. This gives a somewhat less targeted audience but does allow for a wider exposure.

You can chose the countries or cities you wish you ad to be displayed in. For an initial word testing of your ads you may find it better to have a world-wide, or Europe, North America and Oceania distribution to get a larger audience and therefore more rapid feedback.

You need to decide on your keywords. It is better to have more selective ones to allow better targeting of your audience. Also the more common ones tend to be quite highly priced. These will cause you either to have to set a high cost-per-click which can mean your campaign will be expensive. Or, having elected to have a not so high maximum click through cost, having a lot of keywords that are inactive at any one time. It is also useful to realize that some PPC marketings will elect a high cost-per-click rate for a day or so and then drop their bid once they have achieved a high placements spot for their ad by their initial bid.

If you get creative on keyword selection, though, you can have very targeted enquirers at relatively low cost. The trick is to think like your desired customers are likely to think and decide what sort of search keywords they are likely to use and what their other interests and searches are likely to be and then use these and related words as your keywords.

You can also use tools like Word Tumbler and the AdWords wrapper in Mikes-Marketing-Tools.com. This way you can cover the variations that people are likely to use in the Google search.

You don’t need to confine yourself to Google. Use Yahoo or Microsoft’s service if you prefer. But Google does have the lion’s share of the traffic.

You need to decide what you are wanting to market too. You could ask people to simply join your network marketing group or look at your home business. Or you could offer them a service, whether one on information or another simple product. You will find, as you no doubt are aware yourself, that people are more likely to check out information, and when they know a little bit about you, then ask more about your mlm opportunity, than they are to do it directly. If you are not sure about this you can always test it. In fact in the same campaign you can check it out side by side and compare results over an identical time frame.

Article Marketing
If you are not yet up to spending some money, then a simple way to testing the waters is by article marketing. You can write articles of interest to a particular segment, usually related to your business i.e. home based business or mlm, and submit them to directories. These can be picked up by many different sources and hence you begin to create a wide distribution system out there.

The article needs to be unique. Using copyrighted work and other people’s already existing articles is not recommended or ultimately allowed. Usually you have to tick a box to agree that this is not a copied work. There is provision for you to use a ghost-writer, but usually such people need to be acknowledged. Most of these sites allow people to object if they feel you are using other people’s material and this will be checked out.

You cannot directly market your network marketing opportunity in the text of the article. But you can append a resource box to it – in fact it is recommended. This gives a brief description of you and a link or two back to sites you would like interested people to check out. This will allow a selected group to seek you out. They already have an interest in you and what you are saying. So you have a very warm targeted market.

You can submit to a wide number of article directories out there, sending the same article to different ones to create a greater exposure. And there are some who will distribute your article for you to other directories saving you time on individually submitting each one.

There is much more that can be done, and much more that could be talked about even on these two ideas. But at least this is a start. The main thing in internet network marketing, as with conventional mlm, is to take action. You have to get out there and do it!

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